Buck Canyon Lodge, LLC

Here is our new price list

Due to increased fees from our bank to process credit cards we need to add a 4% surcharge to all credit card transactions. But we are more than happy to accept your personal check for your stay here. This is not what we wanted to do but we have to cover our expenses, thank you for understanding.

It's that time of year to start thinking about reserving dates for your Buck Canyon Lodge hunt. We would like to thank you again for your past business. After crunching all the numbers from last year , we are forced to raise our rates to keep up with lease costs , insurance increases, and food cost among other expenses. 

Semi-guided deer hunts:   Cost is $225 per day -- which include lodging, meals, access to private property, scouting, blind placement, bait sites , and help getting your deer out. As most of you know , I usually spend a day or so with "new" hunters to Buck Canyon Lodge so they can get to know our properties.

Semi-guided turkey hunt$185 per day --You get the same service as the semi-guided deer hunt.

Spring bear -  Stevens County has the highest harvest numbers for the state. Spring bear hunts ( if you are lucky enough to draw a tag ) are guided only. Spring bear come in readily to calls. May is the "best" time to hunt. Spring bear hunt cost for a five-day guided hunt that includes meals and lodging is -  $1950  1x1 - or $1500 per hunter for 2x1

Fall bear hunt cost is the same as deer hunting.  $225 per day

Predator hunting  cost is -  $185 per day and includes meals and lodging.

Lodge rental:

Studio apartment and Upstairs Apartment

Lodging only:   $95 per day              With meals:  --  $165 per day -- ( 2 guests)


Lodging only: $190 per day              With meals:  --  $330 per day-- ( 4 guests )

We still require a 30% non-refundable deposit when reserving dates.

We look forward to another successful season. So far it's been a mild winter so we should have little winter kill. If we can keep the predator numbers down the deer should be plentiful next fall.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon

Rick & Wendy

Buck Canyon Lodge LLC

3777 Hwy 25 South

Gifford, Wa 99131


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